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The Best Dining Experience in Colorado

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The Best Dining Experience in Colorado

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I had the great pleasure of being invited to a friend’s birthday party last month. And as a good friend, I’ll do my best to protect the innocent by not revealing his or her age. The spot to celebrate the youth of my friend was a little restaurant in Boulder called Frasca Food and Wine. As much as I’d like to think of myself as a food critic, I am definitely not a food critic. I’d spend the majority of the time explaining dishes as “amazing” or “ridiculous” and the ever popular, “It tasted awesome.” I do not possess the proper vernacular to do great food justice the way a good food critic does. I’ll just stick to working on Internet marketing plans at a leading Denver Internet marketing company. Quick background on Frasca: it is consistently named as one of Colorado’s best restaurants every year, and winner of the 2013 James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine Program. Bridge all those accolades with the 2008 Best Chef in the Southwest award winner and you have a great restaurant. The food was mind-blowingly good. So amazing that you should go tonight – you’ll thank me tomorrow. However, as I stated above, this is not a food critique. What really made Frasca unique was the two hour experience I received at co-owner Bobby Stuckey’s restaurant.

As soon as you walk into Frasca you can see the Italian influences: music, artwork, decanters full of wine occupying a table in the middle of the restaurant. Frasca looks small on the outside, but the atmosphere is big on the inside. Once we were seated at our table, Bobby greeted us there with a complimentary glass of wine to cleanse our palette. Bobby also took this opportunity to tell us about Frasca and its influences. We immediately felt right at home. After our wine, we were greeted by Rose, our server for the night. Rose not only told us about the menu, she sold it to us. Every plate was explained in the perfect amount of detail. The hardest part of the night was picking a course. As we settled in with our dinner decisions, we were greeted by Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, the world class chef of Frasca. He welcomed us with his positive energy and talked to us about Frasca and how much the restaurant meant to him and his family. Then he moved on to the next table and the table after that. How many times have you been to a restaurant and the chef came out to talk to you? Unless you found a bug in your soup, I can almost guarantee that it has never happened. After our meal, our table was invited to tour the kitchen. I felt like I was in the movie Goodfellas; minus the mob ties, 50s music and explosions. The tour was fantastic. After our tour, we had to make the difficult decision to leave Frasca. However, the staff gave us some complimentary bread for the ride home. This was probably due to that fact that we ate a combined 17 loafs during dinner.

My experience at Frasca was unlike any restaurant experience I have ever had. The guests at our table felt like we were a part of the Frasca family. Our server, Rose, knew all of our names by the time our entrées came to the table. Bobby and Lachlan made us understand how much they appreciated us coming in to their restaurant. We left with gifts, full (but not too full) stomachs and the best dining experience in Colorado, period. Thank you to Bobby, Lachlan, Rose and the entire staff at Frasca. You’ve made this integrated marketing manager/part-time food critic very happy.

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