Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency July 12, 2010

Denver SEO – The Web 2.0 Convergence of Tools and Tactics

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Web 2.0 meets SEO

In 2007, Google announced its Universal Search capabilities.  It changed the way search results are displayed when doing a query. Universal search integrated images, videos, and results from other search verticals directly into the web search results.

This has proven to be a huge driver of traffic to sites because their images, videos, news, local search information are displayed and easily accessible to the searcher. Now, with the incorporation of indexable content from Twitter and Facebook, online marketing has become even more important. Users are looking to consume content in multiple ways. By incorporating a social media campaign into your direct marketing strategy you now have numerous different ways to connect with your audience and customers.

Viral Marketing, Blogs, PR, Search and Social Have Become One

A good example of this is Blogs.  They have become almost the new directories when it comes to search and link building. In order for you to fully utilize these wonderful tools you need to incorporate some old school SEO tactics.  You need to start with Keyword Research. Finding out what keywords are driving traffic and trends is essential to writing an effective blog.  Remember, content is still king.  Consumers are consuming content more then they ever have before and with the advent of Web 2.0 marketing they have a multitude of places in which to consume it. Make sure your content is tailored to your audience and optimized for search. These simple practices, when implemented on the front end, provide huge value in the long term.

This is nothing new, but bloggers have one way to promote, SEO’s have another approach, but now a rather unique fusion is occurring that is blurring the lines of online marketing into something quite different. The fusion of web 2.0, social media, link-baiting, strategic content creation and the ability for others to clone and replicate it and link back to the source. The bottom line is, everything leaves a trail, and if you’re smart enough to catch the scent, you can follow it back to the source. Then you can see the implications of what can happen when SEO meets web 2.0.

Once you get good at optimizing your content and finding the keywords with the highest CTR, you can begin to establish your unique selling proposition. Unfortunately, this is a never ending process. You constantly have to implement and create optimized content to drive link popularity, which in turn creates more traffic and authority on the subject matter. By incorporating these methodologies, you will be able to put yourself in front of your customers more often, which can only lead to more conversions.

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