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Client Name: US Potato Board

Client Website URL:

Project Type:  Integrate Hungry Girl / US Potato Board Partnership into Website

Client Background:
The US Potato Board is the nation’s potato marketing and research organization. The organization represents more than 2,500 potato growers and handlers across the United States. The US Potato Board was established in 1971 by a group of potato growers to promote the benefits of eating potatoes. Today, it is the largest vegetable commodity board and provides a global reach for its constituents.

The US Potato Board has created a partnership with Hungry Girl. Lisa Lillien, aka Hungry Girl, has over 1 million subscribers to her burst email, is a New York Times best-selling author  and makes frequent appearances on TV.

Specific Project Goals & Challenges

  • Incorporate Hungry Girl / US Potato Board partnership into the Website
  • Visually display the Hungry Girl partnership into the Website
  • Create a clean and clear Website user experience around this

Solutions Provided by Webolutions
The Hungry Girl / US Potato Board co-branding effort brings together one of America’s favorite “foodologists” and the nation’s leading authority on potato nutrition, cooking with potatoes and healthy potato recipes.

Webolutions played a key role in identifying and implementing the desired user experience and integrating goals and current assets to achieve the overarching goals of the campaign, the most visible part of which is a Facebook-based recipe contest.

This Website has the following Features and Functions:

  • Created a custom slider to highlight the Hungry Girl Partnership
  • Created graphics and visuals to support the partnership
  • Created a Hungry Girl landing page that introduces the Hungry Girl Audience to the US Potato Board
  • Created a landing page that introduces the US Potato Board audience to the Hungry Girl audience
  • Created an ad for the sidebar to showcase the recipe contest
  • Created recipe badge to show Website users which recipes Hungry Girl approves
  • Incorporated recipes that the Hungry Girl developed into our recipe database
  • Listed a few US Potato Board recipes that are Hungry Girl favorites
  • Created a page on the Website with the Hungry Girl Burst email

The campaign launched September 23. Within the first 36 hours of the campaign’s launch:

  • Hungry Girl email blast was distributed to their 1 million + subscribers and in less than one hour received 60 new Facebook page likes and 5 new recipe contest entries!
  • 200 Weekly Recipe email sign ups to the US Potato Board Weekly Recipe Email in a day and a half
  • Increased total visits by 39% in a day and a half

Within the first week of the campaign:

  • Traffic for the desktop website and mobile website more than doubled in terms of total visits and unique visitors.
  • The website referred hundreds of visitors to the US Potato Board’s Facebook Page
  • Page Views on the website more than doubled. An audience of well over 200,000 consumed nearly seven pages per visit.
  • Monthly Weekly Recipe Email Signups tripled.

Here are some links to the pages in the Website that feature Hungry Girl:

  • Landing page to introduce Hungry Girl audience to The US Potato Board
  • Landing page to introduce The US Potato Board audience to Hungry Girl
  • Hungry Girl Recipes
  • Hungry Girl Loves Potatoes
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