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Recently, Webolutions had a blog post about the 7 Benefits to a Business Blog. To follow it up, we wanted to emphasize the importance of creating a blog and posting often.

Most people know the more back links your site has, the higher you’ll rank in the search engine results page (SERP). Technically, the quality of the links is more important than the actual quantity. If authoritative sites link to you, Google determines that you must be important.

One of the easiest ways to generate links to your site and improve website rankings is to start a blog.  A blog is a great way to keep your site full of fresh content and attract users to link back to your site. Content should always come first when building a top ranking site. The more content you can produce, the more likely you are to attract links.

This is setting up the cart and the horse in the right order. The horse is the content that drives the cart — the links. Usually the cart (the links) is put before the horse (the content). We do this because we futilely attempt to answer the question we were asked: “How do I get more links?”

Here are some tips to setting up a successful blog:

1. Make Sure to Host Your Own Blog

If you already have a Website, you should have your blog live on your own domain. Something like: or

Blogger is very helpful when it comes to installing a blog onto your site. Also WordPress will allow you to install a blog anywhere on your site. Both tools are great and the best part is that they are FREE.

The key to getting the links is to install the blog onto your site. If you don’t install it onto your site you will only be benefiting the domain name where your blog resides.

2. Make Sure People Can Comment on Your Posts

People tend to be a bit tentative when it comes to allowing users to post comments onto a company associated blog. The truth is, the benefits far out weigh the negatives.  You can still maintain control of the blog posts and have that capability to erase any posts you deem damaging.

The major benefit to allowing comments is that it creates more content on your site that you didn’t have to create yourself. Plus, you are telling your audience that you are a company that is dedicated to listening to its customers. A side benefit of all of this is that you can get great market insight by monitoring your comments. Remember, that you are in control. You can respond quickly to post and control the social aspect of your marketing campaigns.

3. Share Your Thoughts

The quickest way to get others to know about your blog is to comment and be involved in other blogs within your industry. Often times you can make your name a link back to your site.  If you write thoughtful responses to a blog, you’ll often find people coming to your site to read more of what you have to say.

Blogs are a great tool for all companies. Whether you are a huge multi-national company or a small B2C company, starting and maintaining a blog will put you in touch with your consumers and help to drive you up the search rankings.

Do you have thoughts or comments? We would love to hear them!!

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