Community Leadership is Key to Your Success

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Without exception (almost), it is universally understood that when you rise to the top of your profession you should extend your leadership beyond your company. It is not an accident that owners and CEOs of companies sit on boards, speak regularly, are experts for the media and substantively contribute to a spectrum of charitable and community causes.

What is less understood is that most business leaders who founded a company or rose to the top of their professions reached this level of success precisely because they were engaging in the above activities throughout their career. Major daily newspapers, business journals and a cursory glance at bios of business leaders reflect these community engagement activities.

The Key to Your Success = Community Involvement

Leaders express interest in solving problems to the appropriate colleagues and other movers and shakers. They see a problem or an opportunity in society and set out on a path to collaborate with others. They bring their time and resources with them. More important is they bring their passion, commitment and spheres of influence to bear. They persuade others to their calling by inspiration and dedication.

Altruism is significant in every engagement, otherwise it is not authentic and it shows. Savvy executives understand that non-traditional marketing is an essential portion of the human condition. People want to do business with friends and they seek out opportunities to be around others who are problem solvers on something besides their businesses. Even though they hire key employees to sell their company via traditional sales activities, many leaders are really their company’s best sales force. They sell their leadership and vital community engagement. Others respect their volunteerism, engagement and commitment and make a decision to conduct business with their company.

Successful business leaders make key relationships in every area of their lives–yet they prioritize their time in places they know are conducive for business relationships. Yes, private country clubs, suites at sporting events, theater venues, private planes and yachts are outward examples of lifestyles of the rich and famous. Look to any nice restaurant at lunch or early evening and it is full of influence makers who are engaging in social activities that are cementing actions that will last years, not a sales cycle. You don’t need to be rich and famous to engage a community around a brand–one succeeds in life’s goals because of their effective engagement.

You too can and must have a strategy of engagement that will position you, all key employees and the company for long-term success. Is it science or art? A little of both, but it in many ways it is simply common sense and authenticity. We’ve seen it, we’re participating it in, and we wish to help you reach your full potential.

Where do you think you’re uniquely qualified to impact your community?

How to Use This Information

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