Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency October 2, 2014

Webolutions Launches Responsive Website for MissionMode

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Client Name: MissionMode

Client Website URL: www.MissionMode.com

Project Type: New Responsive Website Design & Development

Client Background:

MissionMode develops long-term customer relationships by delivering best-in-class incident management and notification solutions coupled with unparalleled customer support.


Specific Project Goals & Challenges

  • Create a marketing focal point for all enterprise offers
  • Create a simple and clean website design
  • Create a responsive custom website design that will look good on any size device
  • Create content that is useful to potential customers


Highlighted Solutions – This Website has the following Features and Functions:

    • Assessment Tool – Readiness Survey – This custom tool guides site users through a series of questions to arrive at a Readiness Number. The tool also offers tips on how to improve the score and make sure the users organization is equipped to manage disruptive events. Check it out here: http://www.missionmode.com/be-ready/
    • Salesforce Integration – Integration with website forms to Salesforce
    • Knowledge Center – Provides access to all website users to the myriad of whitepapers, educational videos, webinars, case studies and product fact sheets that MissionMode has compiled over the years.
    • Custom Page Templates – Interior pages of the site can have a featured image that will display at the top of the page with a treatment over the image.
    • Custom Icons for Portal Areas – Site admins have the ability to choose portal areas for the homepage and select between 5 custom icons; Clipboard, Monitor, Cloud Download, Play Button and Phone. Each of the portal areas can have a unique title and link to an interior page of the website.
    • Continuity Model – The homepage features a section that highlights the Continuity Model. Site admins can create a section title, add text and upload an image of the Continuity Model.
    • Offering – Special section on the homepage that can highlight MissionMode offerings.
    • Testimonials – Testimonial database that allows the website administrator to easily choose from testimonials to add to any page of the site. Can select multiple to rotate through on the homepage.
    • Customer Logos – The ability to add their customer logos to the homepage of the website, users can scroll through and see all of the companies MissionMode has worked with.
    • Custom Footer – Ability to create custom footer text for every page in the site, including a call to action.
    • Homepages Slider – This section of the homepage allows for quick editing of images to highlight marketing messages. All sliders images will display with a treatment over the image, this offers a homogeneous look and feel.
    • Responsive Site Design which provides resolution specific viewing and functionality experience on tablets and mobile phones
    • A very simple to use Content Management System (CMS), which utilizes our Enhanced WordPress Platform™. This allows the ability to add new site pages, edit content, edit images & videos, edit forms and control all aspects of the site. It also seamlessly incorporates many key WordPress Plugins that greatly expand the functionality of these base tools.
    • Social Sharing – This functionality is very simple for users to share content via their own social media networks

Please let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you!!

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